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Tips to Ensure Your Package Arrives Safe and On-Time

We always want to ensure the packages we send out to people to arrive at their destination safely. We are more sensitive about this when it comes to holiday packages because things are busier and hands are stickier (package thieves). 

About 30% of people experience package theft. It can be disheartening to have a holiday gift you want to give to a friend, loved one, or relative in the hands of the unintended.

Another issue during the holiday is making sure your package arrives on time because it gets extremely busy. If you want to make sure your holiday packages get to where they need to safely and on time, keep reading to learn a few helpful tips. 

1. Try Not to Ship at the Last Minute

If you really want to ensure your packages get to where they need to by a date you desire, you should avoid last-minute shopping whenever possible. Leaving things at the last minute is bad enough due to a lack of inventory (with popular items).

You do not want to make it worse by having to deal with delayed shipping time because of the holidays. It is better to ship an item early when you can. 

Time can sneak up on us, so order early.  We are all forgetful at times which may be a reason too. A good tip for people that tend to forget is to put an alert on their mobile devices or mark it on a calendar. 

2. Insure Your Holiday Packages

Your package can get lost or stolen at any time, but more so during the holidays.  The best level of protection you have against holiday package theft is to add insurance to what you buy. In the event someone steals your package, it gets damaged or lost, you receive reimbursement for the loss.

You can use the money you receive to re-order the package once more which should still arrive on time if you did not ship at the last minute.  Insurance claims will take longer during holiday times, as there are more claims to handle.

3. Get Tracking Updates

Tracking is very important when it comes to shipping items for you and the receiver. It lets you both know the whereabouts of the package and when the estimated time of arrival (ETA) is. While it does not make a difference with speed, it does help you out because ETAs are often very accurate. 

If an item says it is coming by a certain date, you can be almost certain it will. This will let the receiver know when to be home to get the package (when it is possible for them). Doing this can help reduce the incidence of theft. 

4. Require a Signature Upon Delivery

Another helpful way to ensure a holiday package arrives for the person you want is to request a signature upon delivery. Doing this with any holiday package is good, but you really want to do this option when you order an expensive holiday gift. 

The only way the receiver can get the package is by being present. When no one is home to sign it, the mailman will leave a slip to inform the receiver and return the next day (or whatever day they leave on the letter). This is a strong barrier against theft. 

5. Buy Holiday Gifts From Places That Offer Quick Shipping

Most purchases are made online these days due to the ease, and this is no exception for the holidays. You can buy any item online and have it sent to the person you want it to quickly, depending on the available shipping options. 

You still want to keep in mind that the shipping dates you receive from the shipping options you choose are only estimates. When the holidays come, shipping companies like FedEx and UPS are likely to emphasize they cannot guarantee shipping dates.

This means the dates you see online are not accurate reflections and the package may not arrive where it should on time. When you want to order specific gifts for someone, like stenciling products, you should choose a company that offers quick shipping and guarantees arrival times. 

6. Request Pickup

You can also request a pickup service for holiday packaging if the item you want to send is in your home. You can decide on a pickup date that works best for you. A designated mailman. Fed Ex or UPS driver will pick it up and send it to the receiver you request.

This option is ideal, especially now during the pandemic with many services closing early or not being available at all.

7. Let Friends and Family Know a Package Is Coming 

The best way to guarantee safe arrival for your packages is to let the people you send it to know it’s coming. This will prevent the chance the package sits on the porch for hours or days at a time because the receiver is not aware of it.

The receiver can wait for it to arrive or request that their neighbors be on the lookout for an item if they will be away or are on vacation. 

7. Secure Packages Well 

During the holidays, we add a bit more pizazz to the packages we send out by adding personalized letters, ribbons, and gift wrap. Because we want to personalize these items, we often pack them ourselves.

Packing all your gifts securely will make sure nothing gets out of order, damaged, or breaks during the trip.  Using sturdy boxes, proper cushioning and labeling are simple and effective tools you can use to ensure all holiday packages are protected and ready for the hustle and bustle of holiday shipping.  

Fragile labels are especially important during this rushed season.

Make Sure Your Holiday Packages Arrive on Time This Year

Sending holiday packages to those you care for is hard during the holiday. Because everyone is sending packages, normal shipping time takes longer. It is best to never ship holiday gifts at the last minute so the item you ship does not arrive weeks after you intended it to. 

Most shipping companies like UPS and FedEx will still try to ship your items on time on request, but there is still no guarantee. Make sure to leave enough time for potential delays.


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