AIE-2013I-NF - I Bar Shrink Wrap System 13 inch no film
AIE-2013I - I Bar Shrink Wrap System

AIE-2013I-NF - I Bar Shrink Wrap System 13 inch no film

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Shrink Wrap System comes with Film and Heat Gun
Part Number: AIE-2013I-NF
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13 inch I Bar Shrink Wrap System

Shrink Wrap Systems By American International Electric

Shrink wrap packages for only pennies!

Shrink wrapping helps to prevent pilfering and protects your product from dust, dirt, moisture.

Shrink Wraping in 3 simple steps

1. Pull enough shrink film to insert your product
2. Push the I-Bar arm down to seal and cut the end of the film, repeat seal on the remaining open end
3. Use the included 2 speed heat gun to shrink the film

UL Approved
No warm up time needed.
Timer controlled impulse seal.
Can also be used as a bag se

Each system includes -


- I Bar Sealer
- Two speed heat gun with holder
- Film rack
- Built-in outlet for heat gun

 You can Switch the film to POF (Food Grade) by choosing POF option below Note there is an additional $22.00 fee for the POF.

Uses Standard 110V outlet.

Each machine is manufacturer tested and comes with a 90 day manufacturer's warranty. 

Click Here For AIE-2013I Parts.

Click Here For Shrink Bags, Colored Shrink Film and Other Shrink Supplies

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