AIE-400AC  16
AIE-400AC 16" 15mm Pneumatic Air Foot

AIE-400AC 16" 15mm Pneumatic Air Foot Sealer

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pneumatic constant auto sealer
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AIE-400AC - 16" 15mm Pneumatic Air Foot

Pneumatic Constant Auto Sealer

This pneumatic constant auto sealer provides a strong sealing pressure that is consistent and controllable.
The automatic/manual constant sealer is excellent for sealing polycello films, humidity proof cellophane films, polyethylene films, aluminum foil coated bags and guesseted bags.
A distinctive 5/8 inch mesh seal makes this sealer ideal for producing wide seals on thick bags.
Air usage 4.0 [email protected] PSI.
UP TO 390 F, 520W

Uses Standard 110V outlet.

Each sealer is manufacturer tested and comes with a 180 day manufacturer's warranty.  Click Warranty Tab above for complete details. 

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