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Shrink wrap is a packaging solution that covers a wide range of products. Trimmed shrink film gets heat which takes the form of the objects exact size. For items that need a tight seal, shrink wrap is good for multi-purpose attachments too. The heat that is applied to the shrink film helps the shrink wrap take the shape of whatever form it is wrapping around.

Machines are used for shrink wrapping packages and products together. The shrink wrap systems come in many styles and fitting almost any budget. If you are in the market for a manual shrink wrap machine, remember that they are portable, built to last and lightweight.

There are shrink wrap machines that are made to be portable, requiring very little, if any, assembly. They are also sturdy and light weight. The shrink wrap film can also be purchased at a relatively low price. Shrink wrap guns are also sold to help as sealers. For moderate shrink wrapping needs, manual shrink wrap systems work the best.
Automated equipment is used to shrink wrap items and then sent through a shrink tunnel for the actual shrinking.

So what is it about shrink wrap that is so durable? Not the easiest question to answer.

Since it is supplied in several different forms, a product that needs a wraparound will probably use the flat rollstock. The flat rollstock is sealed with a heat gun. On Centerfold film, the plastic on the role is folded in half, where the product is then placed in the center portion. The other remaining three edges form a bag and are sealed. The bag then seals the product and wraps around it tightly because it is heated. This is called heat shrinking.

Shrink Wrap is also good for wrapping bigger structures, like buildings and roofs. It is often used after a natural disaster to wrap structures affected by earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural disasters. Shrink wrap is dandy for containing environmental products. It can also be used to assist with safe removal of hazards including asbestos and lead.

For smaller items, shrink wrap works well for books, magazines and other content that is intended only for adults. Shrink wrap usually packages computer software and media, which helps keep the licensing information hidden until it is opened.

Shrink wrap can overwrap different types of packages including beverage cans, boxes, cartons and pallet loads. Shrink wrap covers a variety of products, often to stabilize the product and keep it clean and/or tamper resistant. Shrink wrap can also cover and protect foods such as cheese, meats, plants and vegetables. Tamper resistant parts of a package are sealed with shrink bands, which also work to combine packages together.

Also used more commonly in industrial applications, shrink wrap in these conditions uses a heavier weighted shrink film.


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