Bio-Hazard Bag - 6 x 9 - 3 wall 2 mil. - 1000 Ct.
Bio Hazard Specimen Bags

Bio-Hazard Bag - 6 x 9 - 3 wall 2 mil. - 1000 Ct.

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Bio-Hazard Bag - 6 x 9 - 3 wall 2 mil. - 1000 Ct.
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Bio-hazard Specimen Bags with Tear Off Pouch - 3 wall 4 color 2 mil. 6 x 9 CZSB09-A offer both safety and convenience for shipping and packaging medical specimens for lab transportation.  These bags incorporate the standard zipper compartment for lab specimen, and a separate attached document pouch.  The most improved area of these specimen shield bags is the new TEAR AREA that is easily seen by having the "TEAR ACROSS BAG" printed in the scored area.  The Biohazard specimen bags protect health-care personnel from specimen leaks, and the document pouch compartment prevents the patient's information from being misplaced or compromised.  They conforms to NCCLS specimen handling guidelines for secondary containment. The vibrant orange ink that is accented by the black ink and backed by the white ink makes these bags stand out from all other lab bags. Our patented Specimen Shield™ bags are the original. Accept no far less superior imitations. Bio hazard print is easily noticed and meets OSHA specs V.A. hospitals and other major medical institutions.


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