Black Poly Sheeting - 6 x 100 - 6 Mil
Poly Sheeting Black 6 x 100

Black Poly Sheeting - 6 x 100 - 6 Mil

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Poly Sheeting Black - 6 x 100 - 6 Mil - CF606B
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CF606B - 6 x 100 Poly Sheeting Black 6 Mil.  Construction and Agricultural Black Plastic Sheeting 6 mil. can be used inside or outside to cover, protect, separate or moisture-proof.  Black Poly Sheeting is excellent for vapor barriers, temporary walls, weather-proofing, covering fresh concrete and under mulch in landscaping.  Black Plastic Sheeting comes in 4 or 6 mil and has 1 roll per case, unless stated otherwise. 

Suggested uses for Black Plastic Sheeting:

  • 4 mil - moisture and vapor barrier, mulching, weather protection, concrete curing.
  • 6 mil - heavy duty mulch underlayment, concrete slab vapor barrier.

Does not ship to AK, HI or Canada

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