Central Reinforced Tape 235 - 72mm x 375 Kraft - 8 Rolls
Central Reinforced Tape 70mm x 450'

Central Reinforced Tape 235 - 72mm x 375 Kraft - 8 Rolls

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Water Activated Tape
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Central 235 Reinforced Tape 72mm x 375' Kraft 8 Rolls per case Best For Sealing Boxes up to 20 lbs Fast permanent adhesion with superior strength. Perfect flexibility for sealing carton corners, edges and irregular surfaces. Extra strong water activated fiberglass yarns are strategically bonded between sheets of paper to provide an extra margin of strength. Feature patented starch based adhesive. Water activated tape is not affected by extreme hot or cold temperatures. Environmentally friendly; yarn can be removed during repulping to allow for easy recycling.

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