Colored Inspection Tags
Colored Inspection Tags

Colored Inspection Tags

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Colored Inspection Tags
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for commercial locations / $10 ship for residential locations. Applies to this item ONLY.
Residential locations cost more than quoted amount
Color Coded Inspection Tags maintain quality control.  They are made of tough 13 point card stock construction with a reinforced 3/16" eyelet.  All Color Coded Inspection Tags are 4 3/4" x 2 3/8" size #5.  The green "Repairable Or Rework" tags are numbered 001 through 999 for easier tracking.  Quantity 1000.

  • Plain - just the tags - no wire or string.  
  • Pre-Strung - each tag has a 12" cotton string attached.  
  • Pre-Wired - 12" - 26 gauge wire twisted onto each tag.

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