Green Shrink Wrap  75 Gauge - 12 inch 500 Feet.
Green Shrink Wrap 12 x 500

Green Shrink Wrap 75 Gauge - 12 inch 500 Feet.

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75 Gauge Centerfold PVC
Part Number: 12-75-0.5GR
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Green Shrink Wrap 75 Gauge Centerfold PVC, 12-75-0.5GR - Roll of 12 inch x 500 feet of green colored shrink film which is also available in gold or red. These are see through  colors which adds a distinctive color appeal to your product making it stand out from the rest!  Colored shrink films come in 12" to 24" widths. Lengths of 500' and 2000'.  PVC color wraps shrinks at a lower temperature then PE or PP films making it ideal for heat sensitive products.
PVC films is NOT to be use with Food.

For other Colors and sizes of Shrink  - GREEN, RED and GOLD

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