Whenever you have something you need to pack or ship you want to be sure to have the proper box size.  By having the correct size box you reduce the amount of filler needed and shifting that the cargo will incur.  Making sure to have the box size just right can save you money on filler and freight oversized charges.  A snug fit can also cut down on damages to your cargo.

Use a pre-assembled corrugated box to get the most accurate measurement.  Boxes are measured by the inside dimensions from score line to score line.  Measurements for standard cardboard boxes are listed Length (L) x Width (W) x Depth (D), depth is sometimes referred to as height.  General industry standard:  Length is considered the longer 2 sides, width is considered the shorter 2 sides and the depth is considered the vertical measurement.  Once you have your 3 measurements you will have no problem obtaining the area and volume of your box.

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