Never used shrink wrap bags before?  No problem!  It's actually pretty easy. 

First, you need to measure your item and pick a shrink bag that is a bit bigger than your item to allow for the material to shrink up.  

Then, you need to seal the end of the bag, making sure to cut off any excess that you do not need. 

Next, you need to carefully begin heating the bag evenly around with a heat gun. Be careful not to apply too much heat in one area for too long as the bag can split.

Once you have the shrink bag drawn down fairly close to the item, begin applying heat to areas that need to be tightened up a little until the bag is as smooth as possible without causing it to burn or split.

It takes a little bit of practice to get the knack of how the heat gun and shrink bag react to each other. A little practice should have you wrapping like a Pro in no time!
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