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Loose Fill, Cushioning

There are many different types of packaging filling, and understanding the benefits and usage of each is essential to properly packing.

Bubble packaging is a common option for most packages. It is a very versatile choice, making it perfect for everything from DVDs to delicate figurines.  Often, it is paired with foam sheets to further protect items.

Foam sheets are also useful for protecting stackable objects, such as dishes, from one another in boxes. Both of these options come in sheets and rolls that are easy to store and allow you to choose exactly how much you need as you pack your shipments.

Anti-static foam (polyethylene foam) is made of a closed-cell material that is resistant to puncturing and tearing, which is perfect for protecting the surface of your packages and cushioning fragile devices.  Pink Anti-static foam protects sensitive electronic components from static discharge.

Bubble Cushioning creates a barrier between fragile items and containers or boxes. Bubble wrap conforms easily around fragile items and provides surface protection and cushioning.

Anti-Static Bubble Cushioning can be used for wrapping electronics or just for adding some color to your package.   Pink Anti-static bubble cushioning protects electronics from static discharge.

These are the most common protective package filling and cushioning options and are effective for most of your packaging needs. Keep these choices on hand and, if necessary, experiment using them with different items to decide which protective filling is best for the items you commonly ship so your future packing decisions are easier.
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