MP-12F1 Midwest Pacific Sealer Parts
MP-12F1 Parts

MP-12F1 Midwest Pacific Sealer Parts

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All the parts you will ever need for your Sealer
Part Number: MP-12F1-Parts
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MP-12F1 - Midwest Pacific Foot Sealer Parts
MP-12F1 is the updated MP-12F,
To tell if you have an F or F1 you just look at the end cap on the machine,
BLACK End Cap = F
,   RED End Cap = F1
The MP-F5 uses the same parts as the F1, some items will say for 5mm.
All Parts listed are genuine Manufacturer Parts.

Using genuine parts assures proper and safe operation.

The last two digits of the part numbers will match the numbers on parts diagram,
example - If your looking for Diagram part number 43 - Stand Locking Bolt, your part number will be MP-12F1-43.

Click Here for MP-12F1 Parts Diagram

Click Here for MP-12F Parts Page (if your machine has Black End Caps)

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