MP-16SW - 16 inch Impulse Shrink Wrap System with Timer
Midwest Pacific 16" Industrial Grade Shrink Wrap System with Timer, MP-16SW

MP-16SW - 16 inch Impulse Shrink Wrap System with Timer

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MP-16SW - 16 inch Impulse Shrink Wrap System with Timer
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Midwest Pacific Industrial Grade Impulse Shrink Machine System MP-16SW is an I Bar (Single Arm) sealer for sealing shrink film.  Free Shipping in the Continental US 48 states.  They feature a chrome I-bar sealing arm on a 3/4" axle and heavy duty film rollers that require no lubrication.  Non-chrome parts have a durable baked enamel finish.  The Single bar (arm) contains a single heat element that both seals and cuts centerfold or single-wound shrink film from 50 gauge to 250 gauge thickness.   Midwest Pacific Heavy Duty Impulse Shrink Wrap Machines feature a low profile laminate base, baked enamel finish and built-in film rollers.  They can seal all types of shrink film - PVC, POF, PP and PE.  This model is equipped with a Solid-State Timer which takes the guesswork out of sealing different types of thickness of film.  

Uses Standard 110V outlet.

90 Day Warranty on labor and all parts except heating element, upper and lower Teflon. These are consumable parts which will wear out over time based on use.

Bonus: Comes with an additional Teflon Cover and Element Wire

*Includes 15" x 500' roll of PVC Shrink Film and a Heat Gun

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Does not ship to Canada.

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