MP-18A5 - 18 Inch Automatic Impulse Sealer - 5mm Seal
Midwest Pacific 18" Automatic Impulse Sealer, MP-18A5

MP-18A5 - 18 Inch Automatic Impulse Sealer - 5mm Seal

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MP-18A5 - 18 Inch Automatic Impulse Sealer with 5mm Seal
Part Number: MP-18A5
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All Midwest Pacific Automatic Impulse Sealers MP-18A5 operate on 110 volt and are double fused. These sealers ship free in the Continental US 48 states.  Automatic mode or manual mode can be switched from the console. In automatic mode, when the machine is turned on it immediately begins to cycle at a cyclic rate that is programmed from the three control dials on the face of the machine. In manual mode, the unit cycles under the control of a foot pedal switch (included).  The Jaw is opened and closed by use of an electro-magnet. There are no motors, belts, gears or drive chains to wear out.  They are geared to high volume production or to applications where precise control can easily be maintained even when frequently changing bags sizes and thickness.  Midwest Pacific Automatic Impulse Sealers MP-12A are very heavy-duty, table top, impulse models.  These machines are best suited for KEL-F, POLYFLEX, P.V.A., POLYETHYLENE, POLYURETHANE, POLYVINYLCHLORIDE, POLYPROPYLENE, PLIOFILM, TIVAC, SARAN and most other heat sealable materials.  

Uses Standard 110V outlet.

Each machine comes with a 90 day warranty on labor and all parts except heating element, upper and lower Teflon. (These parts are consumable - they require replacement over time based on use.) 

The program dials provide control for:
1. The interval that the jaw stays open between sealing cycles. 
2. The interval that the jaw stays closed during sealing cycles. 
3. The length of time the element is hot.

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  • Maximum Seal Length - 18 inches
  • Maximum Material Thickness - 8 mil. 
  • Seal Width - 5 mm
  • Impulse Power - 600W

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