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Stenciling is an important part of marking different types of products for easier identification. The process is used in a range of products but mainly on shipping products and traffic signs.  The stenciling process is made easier and more affordable, through the use of stencil machines.  There are three main types of stencil machines that include the manual, electronic and the super size stencil machines.

The manual stencil machines are hand operated and are ideal for lower volume use.  They can be used at home, in offices and in warehouses.  Stencil machines are available in 1, ¾, ½ and ¼ inches tall models. To use the machine, select the number(s) or letter(s) on the dial to cut before pulling the handle. The machine then starts cutting.  Spray stencil inks, paints and rollers are available to purchase separately to complete a stencil.

Electronic stencil machines unlike the manual ones are more advanced, more flexible and faster.  They are ideal for higher volume use and are mostly used in the manufacturing and warehousing industries.  The machine is capable of cutting numbers, letters, logos and other graphics from 1/8 inch to 24 inches on different materials such as polyethylene, poly, oil board and vinyl.  By using this machine, one can instantly create a stencil on their computer, send it to the cutter and have them cut in a matter of seconds. 

These machines come with Windows software and can easily import different Windows files and programs such as Corel Draw. Some of the unique features of the machine include a knife saving technology, very easy to use keypad, a 29 inch bed and a WYSIWYG screen.

The Super Size Stencil Machine is specially designed to cut both small and large stencils that range from ¼ inch to 10 inches in height. To begin using the machine, one is required to first lay out the stencil on the machine bed and then turn the handle in order to begin making the cuts.  This enables one to cut more easily and quickly. Due to this, the machine makes it possible to produce big, easy to read and bold marks on all kinds of equipment. In addition to this, the machine enables one to create different font sizes and fonts on the stencil.

Stencil Machines make it easier for lettering and numbering to be done on various types of surfaces.  With the use of these machines, labeling jobs have a more professional look.


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