Marsh 88 Valve Markers - 24 Count
White Marsh 88 Valve Markers

Marsh 88 Valve Markers - 24 Count

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White - Marsh 88 ALCOHOL, WHITE PIGMENT Markers
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 Marsh 88 Pigment markers longer lasting than other disposable markers, because they contain more ink and no ink is wasted in the valve operated markers.  They are built for industrial use.  Mark on any surface cardboard, wood, fabric, even non-porous surfaces. (alcohol based) ink flows uninterrupted through a hollow chamber, so Marsh 88 markers stay wet for thousands of uses. When the tip is pressed down, it pushes onto a spring loaded plunger which opens the valve, letting the liquid through to the tip and allowing the user to regulate the quantity of liquid dispensed.  They wont fade, even in sunlight.  When the cap is left off, the tip can be re-primed, so you can use all the liquid inside the marker.

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