Marsh EFI Applicator - 1 1/2 inch - 70150
Marsh EFI Applicator - 70150

Marsh EFI Applicator - 1 1/2 inch - 70150

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Marsh EFI Applicator - 1.5 inch - 70150
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Marsh EFI (Environmentally Friendly Ink) Applicators part# 70150 are for the Marsh EFI stenciling system.  This system provides crisp, clear marks on a wide variety of porous and non-porous surfaces.  The Marsh EFI stenciling system marks are fast drying, permanent, as well as fade and sunlight resistant. Best of all, since these inks have an ultra-low VOC content, they are more environmentally safe to the operator applying the markings and to the atmosphere. The inks are water soluble and only require soap and water for clean-up. (No separate solvents required!) The inks are also non-flammable; they are safer to use and easier to ship than most other stencil inks. The system is easy to use. Just moisten the roller, attach the ink bottle and Go !

The Marsh EFI stenciling system offers you a portable and convenient method of stenciling on both porous and non-porous surfaces. The recommended use of the EFI ink is with the applicator that has been specifically designed for EFI ink, the RM-10-15 and RM10-30. However, EFI ink can also be applied with the RM20 roller and RM50 pad system.

Please note there is an approx. 3 day lead time on fountain brush parts ordered.  If you need them faster, please contact us for the expedited cost.

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