NWD Betterwrapper
NWD Betterwrapper

NWD Betterwrapper

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Nelson Betterwrapper
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NWD - Betterwrapper Key Features

  • Betterwrapper is great to wrap products on rolls, such as carpet and fabric
  • Helps prevent hand fatigue or injury
  • NWD Betterwrapper perfect alternative to the costly throw-away extended core.
  • Nelsons patented brake system ensure tighter wrap and less film wasted.
  • Betterwrappers comfortable to grip and easy to use hand brake system
  • Additionally wraps loads waist high with a natural forward motion
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Ships UPS
  • Length -- 27-29.5"
  • Weight -- 1-1/2lbs
  • Handles -- 14"-18" rolls of film
  • Types of film to be used -- cast, blown, pre-stretch
Please note these items do not ship to CANADA

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