Ribbed Base Sheets by RibType
Ribbed Base Sheet

Ribbed Base Sheets by RibType

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Ribbed Base Sheets by RibType come in different materials and sizes. 

Natural Rubber (Red) comes in 7.125 x 17 and 14 x 18
  • Natural Rubber is the best for general purpose use with water-based or alcohol-based inks.  
Dura Buna 50 (Black) comes in 7.125 x 17 and 14 x 18
  • Dura Buna is oil and acid resistant.  This material has a standard hardness of 50 durometer.
Neoprene (Black) comes in 7.5 x 15
  • Neoprene is very similar to buna.  It is oil and acid resistand and make excellent imprints.
PVC (Greenish/Blue) comes in 7.5 x 15
  • PVC is flexible plastic material that does not transfer ink as well as natural rubber, but provides greater durability in some applications.  It is recommended for printing small text on plastic and for printing on Tyvek.  Since PVC transfers less ink, imprints may dry faster.  It is excellent for air/electric-powered reciprocating printers. 

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