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Shipping Indicators

If getting your package to its destination in one piece matters, you are concerned about what your package has gone through on its journey.  Was it dropped?  Was it thrown?  Was it slide across the floor with un-necessary haste?  The trouble is that only your package and the handlers (of which there will be many) know the extent of stress your package was put through.

The solution is simple, ask your package how its trip was.  If you think that is a crazy idea, not really.  With ShockWatch Impact Indicators, Drop N Tell Sensors and Tip N Tell Indicators you can do the next best thing. 

Tip N Tell, ShockWatch Impact Indicators and Drop N Tell Sensors affix onto your shipment.  The ShockWatch labels and products increase awareness of the importance of handling your package with care.  Ease of use and tamperproof features, make these products highly desirable for shipment safety.

By using these products both the shipper and receiver can be more confident that their product has been treated well.

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