Speed-i-Marker 940 - Hand Held Graphic Printer - Reiner - EM 940 EM940
Speed-i-Marker 940 - Reiner

Speed-i-Marker 940 - Hand Held Graphic Printer - Reiner - EM 940 EM940

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Speed-i-Marker 940 - Hand Held Graphic Printer - Reiner - EM 940
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The Speed-I-Marker 940 is a versatile handheld inkjet printer that quickly marks on large flat surfaces such as palates, boards, boxes etc.  This EM 940 graphic printer prints single, multi-line, bar codes, numbers, dates, time, text and graphics.  The Speed-I-Marker has the ability to print on moving or stationary objects and is just right for marking small or test batches.  The Print image can by created simply and quickly at the PC and transmitted via USB or Bluetooth.  This machine allows you to print on porous and non-porous surfaces, depending on which ink cartridge you have loaded in the machine.  The EM 940 has two sensing wheels that need to touch the surface of the product it’s printing onto and must be rolled across the surface.  

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A test print is required when purchasing this item, click the Test Printing Tab above to print the necessary form.  Please be sure to send in your product and all required information.  

Send your samples for us to make sure the printer and the inks are working properly for your application. Although, our inks adhere well to most surfaces, without samples to test we cannot guarantee how the inks will hold to your specific products. Often, some products have a release agents like silicone and or a petroleum residue that can effect the inks ability to adhere properly. 

There is a 20% manufacturer's restock fee for this machine if you choose to return it and it must be returned in new condition within 15 days. 

Ink colors available for this machine are: 
EM BK MP3 (Black Agressive Quick Dry Inkject Cartridge) - Plastic and Metal   
EM BK P3-S (Black Regular Inkjet Cartridge) - Paper and Cardboard

***Please note that this product comes standard with the EM BK P3-S Black Porous Surface Ink.  If you need to upgrade the ink to the EM BK MP3 Black Non Porous Surface Ink, there is a $40.00 upgrade charge.  Please choose your options above.

  • Automatic advancing numbering and dating barcode
  • Prints single, multi-line, bardcode and graphics
  • Mobile or stationary marking
  • Imprint up to 1/2" by 5 1/2"
  • Print on the goods to be marked by rolling over them, alternatively contactless
  • Able to store up to 4 imprints
  • Battery operated - AA batteries
  • Changeable font size
  • Integrated capping for print cartridge
  • Programmed within minutes using USB connection
  • Up to four different print images can be stored in the system
  • Windows OS (See Manual)
Does not ship to Canada

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