Stretch Wrap 15 inch - SF1508
Stretch Wrap 15 Inch

Stretch Wrap 15 inch - SF1508

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Clear Stretch Wrap
Part Number: SF1508
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Stretch Wrap - Clear - Extended Core

15 in x 1500 ft Roll Clear Pallet Wrap

80 Gauge Stretch

4 per Case

Pallet Wrap is also known as Stretch Film

Our High clarity Pallet Wrap sticks only to itself.

With This "Clear Stretch Film" No ties, staples or taping needed.

Stretch Wrap has Quiet & Smooth release - virtually no noise.

Can be stretched up to 100% to secure load safely.

Very useful For Moving & Storage!

Use Pallet Wrap film to wrap dressers and china cabinets to keep doors and drawers closed.

Wrap couches and chairs to keep cushions in place and moving truck dust off.

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