UHSS-8 Tabletop Dual Heat Tube Sealer 1/4 inch with Self Contained Air Compressor (Non-Returnable)
UHSS-8 Tube Sealer

UHSS-8 Tabletop Dual Heat Tube Sealer 1/4 inch with Self Contained Air Compressor (Non-Returnable)

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Tube Sealer
Part Number: UHSS-8
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Tabletop Tube Sealer - UHSS-8

UHSS-8 Tabletop Dual Heat Tube Sealer 1/4 inch seal with Self Contained Air Compressor,

Seal up to 3,500 tubes per day!  Ideal for laboratories, research facilities, R&D, and quality control groups.  Unit is economical, safe and very easy to use.  The tube sealers can be used on all polyethylene, and laminated tubes.  Sealers are equipped with a stainless steel shelf with height gauges to allow for easy changeover of various height tubes.  Include is a custom tray made for your tubes (sample tube required for fabrication)


  • Seals up to 3 tubes at a time of 1-3/8" diameter, varies tube by tube
  • Easy to adjust with superior timing control (increments of 10th of a second)
  • Double force on seal bar
  • Self Contained Air Compressor included in the machine.
  • Easy maintenance resulting in lower downtimes
  • Quieter operation and no metal shavings
  • Accomodates different tube heights and widths (max diameter 2" OD, 8.5" height)
  • Even pressure across seal length
    • 8" seal length
    • Dual digital timer
    • Dual cylinder
    • Clevis pin
    • Delrin bushing
    • 1/4" wide single seal element (dual option available for better seal quality)
    • Only 0.0015 seal jaw deflection
    • Adjustable heating and cooling times
    • Exhaust port
    • Air in port
    • Detachable power cord
    • Made and designed in the USA
    • Tube tray custom made to your tubes (sample tube required for fabrication)
    • Manufacturer's kit includes:  (1) heating element, (2) Zone PTFE over element, (1) fuse
    • 3-5 Day Lead time, Machines are assembled as ordered. Ships from California.

    Please note that this is non-returnable.  It can only be exchanged if there is a manufacturer defect or if there is damage in shipping.  There is generally a 3-5 day lead time on this machine. 

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