Vacuum Bags 3 mil. - Pouches - Poly - Nylon - Co Extruded
Co-Extruded Vacuum Pouches

Vacuum Bags 3 mil. - Pouches - Poly - Nylon - Co Extruded

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Vacuum Bags 3 mil. - Pouches - Poly - Nylon - Co Extruded
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These Vacuum Bags - Pouches are ideal for storing processed foods and packaging meat, fish, nuts, fruit and more. These Co-Extruded Vacuum Bags - Pouches are 3 mil thick.  They are built for long lasting durability and dependability with layers of polyethylene and nylon resins.  They are cost effective and meets FDA requirements for use with food products. The stretch capability allow them to conform to unique food product shapes.   These bags can also be used to keep other non-food products (pharmaceutical and medical items) sterile and to prevent oxidation.  Measurements are outside diameter. (OD)
  • Meets FDA specifications for direct food contact
  • 1/2" seal on all three sides and sizes based on outside diameter
  • Standard vacuum pouches that can be used in nozzle and chamber machines
  • Poly/Nylon Co-Extruded
  • 3 mil.
  • **Please note: These bags WILL NOT work for home type vacuum sealrs such as the FoodSaver, Seal-A-Meal or the PRO-2300.**

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