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RK-Model# REPLACEMENT KITS Includes (2) elements, (2) PTFE adhesives, and 1ft PTFE cover (2ft if double impulse) specify model # when ordering
1 Bracket / Base
2 WHA-2 Control Plate / Front Panel
3 WHA-3 Rear Plate
4 WHA-4 Cover
5 WHA-5 T-Type Bracket
6 Upper Jaw specify model # when ordering
7 WHA-7 Spring, Small, Silicone Bracket (WHA, WHLF)
8 Silicone Bracket specify model # when ordering
9 SR-specifymodel# Silicone Rubber
10 WHA-10 Spring Bracket
11 WHA-11 Sucking Plate
12 WHA-12 Bushing / Pin Washer
13 WHA-13 Shaft / Hinge Pin
14 WHA-14 Plate for PTFE Sheet (Clip) (W-Series)
15 WHA-15 Multi Star Knob (W-Series)
16 PTFE Cover Plate specify model # when ordering
17 TR-specifymodel# PTFE Cover Roll specify model # when ordering
18 PTFE Cover Roller (Iron Stick) specify model # when ordering
19 HE-specifymodel# Heating Element specify model # when ordering
20 TA-specifymodel# PTFE Adhesive (Insulated Tape), 6mil specify model # when ordering
21 WHLH-49 Fiber Plate - 1.2m (47") - cut to fit
22 Aluminum Bracket specify model # when ordering
23 MS-WHA Spring Hook, Mounting
23b HTA-WH Heater Element Assembly Includes Parts #23,57,58,59,60,61
HTAB-WH Heating Terminal Assembly Block model #s W-305AT, W-3010A, W-455AT, W-455AT
23c WHLH-36 Cover for Heating Element (Screw - WHLH-61) (WHA and WHLH)
HTABwCover-WH Heating Terminal Assembly Block w/ Cover model #s W-305AT, W-3010A, W-455AT, W-455AT
24 WHA-24 Spring, Big
25 Stop Plate
26 WHA-26 Rubber Mat / Rubber Foot
27 - Gen 1.0 MSW-WHA Microswitch / Arm - Gen 1.0
27 - Gen 2.0 MSW-WHF Microswitch / Arm - Gen 2.0
27a WHA-27A Microswitch Plates (new gen - 2013)
28 WHA-28 Power Switch (R), 4P Orange (On/Off)
29 WHA-29 Power Switch (G), 6P Green (Manual/Auto)
30 WHA-30 Knob, Red for (W-Series)
31 WHA-31 Knob (Y), Yellow
32 WHA-32 Knob (G), Green
33 WHA-33 Lamp (R), LED for E.G.O. E-00302 for (W-Series)
34 WHA-34 Lamp (Y), LED / Lamp (O)
37 TRNS-specifymodel# Transformer specify model # when ordering
38 Solenoid-WH Solenoid (Electromagnet) TF-281 (2 for AA models)
39 WHA-39 PC Board, w/ 25A Relay
40 WHA-40 Pin for PC Board
41 FSW-WH Foot Switch
42 TISA-39 Foot Switch Connect at Sealer
42a TISA-30c Foot Switch Connect at Foot Switch
43 WHA-43 Grommet (W-Series)
44 PC-WH Power Cord PC-WH
45 WHA-45 Fuse Holder
46 WHA-46 Fuse (1A)
47 Fuse-7amp Fuse (7A) for W-300A
47a Fuse-10amp Fuse (10A) for W-305A / W-450A
47b Fuse-15amp Fuse (15A) for W-455A / W-600A
47c Fuse-20amp Fuse (20A) for W-605A
48 Nut 1/4
49 Washer 1/4 x 1 x 16
50 WHA-50 Hex Cap Screw 5/16 for #8
51 WHA-51 Washer
52 WHA-52 Hex Cap Screw 1/4x1 for #10
53 Screw 4x25
54 WHA-54 Screw #54 for Shaft/Hinge Pin (includes nut and washer)
55 WHA-55 Screw 1/4x3 1/4 for #11
56 Screw-M4x8 M4*8 Screw
57 WHA-57 Washer (R)
58 WHLH-42 Solderless Terminal 2-8 / Connecting Plate
59 WHA-59 Bushing (BK), Convex
60 Washer 3/16
61 Screw 3/16x1/2
62 Screw 5x8
63 WHA-63 Screw 5x15 - For Rubber Foot
64 WHA-64 Washer 3/8x2x24 for #5
65A WHA-65 Spring Washer 3/8 for #5
65B Screw for Cover of Sealer (side)
66 WHA-66 Hex Cap Screw 3/8x3/4 for #5
67 WHLH-9 Handle (metal) for WHLH and WHA
70 WHDF-20 Working Plate
70a WHDF-19A Working Adjusting Plate Screw Set -
(Includes: 2-screws, 4-washers, and 2-wing nuts)
70b WHDF-20A Working Plate Screw Set - WHA, WHDF
71 WHDF-19 Working Adjusting Plate - 6 1/4" x 9 1/2" (W x L)
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