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Packaging does a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to influencing how well your business performs. Without the right packaging, you could leave your items sitting on a shelf or lying about in unappealing ways. When you want to sell new products or refresh your packaging, the right tools can help you take matters into your own hands.

Here's everything you need to know about how an impulse sealer will change your business's sales performance this year.

Getting to Know Impulse Sealers

Impulse sealers are tools for any brand or business that needs to package their own materials. Bags with parts or components can be quickly secured in bulk with one of these machines. Using poly bags and a heating element, one layer of plastic is sealed to the other.

Heat is conducted through a metal wire that is warm enough to melt the plastic together without tearing through or burning the bag. That heat creates a permanent seal that is only broken by then cutting or ripping the bag open. 

Impulse sealers are different than heat sealers because they don't require warm-up time. They also lack the need for any cool-down time to be safe to use. This means that there is less caution and less space needed to quickly get work done with one of these systems.

There are Different Types

There are tabletop machines, foot-operated ones, double impulse sealers, ones with attached cutters and automatic machines.

A tabletop version will look a bit like a stapler. There's a jaw or a lever that's pressed down to complete the seal.

Foot-operated machines are mounted on stands. They can be moved around as needed in a busy company. They're designed for high volume so if you have a major project that needs sealing, this is the choice for you.

Double impulse sealers have two sealing bars that bond thicker plastic together than a typical poly bag. If you have a heavy-duty use for them, putting together bags that hold large components or machinery, a double impulse sealer is an answer.

Machines with attached cutters cut through plastic after it's been sealed. This is another great type of sealer to be used for bulk operations. They're also good for when you have to use plastic tubing as it'll cut each end of the package to create a closed and sealed bag.

Automatic Impulse Sealers are the correct choice if you need a machine to seal at a set time.  You can put the plastic bag in the sealer and it will come down when you need to make the seal. Once the correct timer settings are programmed, consistent and reliable seals are maintained automatically from the first seal to the last.

Don't overlook the importance of timing in your seals. They'll result in burnt packaging and terrible smells. 

Considering Accessories

When starting out using an impulse sealer, you need to figure out what materials work for you. Most people use polyethylene or polypropylene bags to package their items. 


Over time, expect components in the sealing bar to need replacement. Thankfully, there are impulse sealer service kits that include new heating wires, adhesive tape to help get them attached, and silicone strips to cover the wire itself.

Always be sure to get genuine replacement parts for the specific machine you have.

Consider Your Industry

Different industries have different needs when it comes to impulse sealers. Some industries don't have a need for heavy-duty sealers while others will find that it makes doing business so much easier. 

If you run a hardware store, you might find it easier to organize your items if they're individually bagged. Suppliers of any kind of hardware components will find that using an impulse sealer allows for a more efficient inventory process.

Anyone running an automotive business will find that the number of parts that you buy in bulk will require that you find a user-friendly way of selling them. Using an impulse sealer, you can individually bag bulk parts. If you manufacture the parts, you can make unit sales easier with a machine like this.

Electronics stores are another example of a business in need of an impulse sealer. New and used parts are vital to electronics component consumers but they need to be individually packaged for safe storage. Impulse sealers keep them safe.

If you sell candy, tea, or many types of bulk food, having your own sealer allows you to repackage bulk materials. This gives you more power over the types of sales you can make. (Be sure to use food-safe bags)

Just about any kind of store or wholesale business dealing with physical products will find a use for an impulse sealer. It can cut out the middle man when you handle all of the packaging on your own.

An Impulse Sealer Will Change Your Business

When you have control over your own packaging, you can create the ideal image of your brand. Choosing the right sealer will get the job done.


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