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Enhancements Made to the Electric Tape Dispensers

At MSSC, we value our customers and their feedback. We are committed to constantly improving our products so that our customers get the best value for their money. Below are the enhancements we have made to the electric tape dispensers to make them more reliable than ever.
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Nelson Wrap Dispensers Have Revolutionized Pallet Wrapping

Nelson Wrap Dispensers have revolutionized the pallet wrapping process.  
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Tips for Reducing Costs on Freight and Packaging Materials

Businesses that ship tangible products all run into the same quandary:  How do I ship my product with the most efficiency and lowest cost?

  • Negotiate the best price that you can with your freight company. 
  • Get the best possible price on packaging and shipping materials, consider buying in bulk. 
  • Buy quality, sturdy, lightweight materials for shipping your product. 
  • Your shipping station should be set up for maximum efficiency. 
  • Take the time to classify your packages and enter the proper dimensions to get the most accurate shipping cost. 

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What are Impulse Sealers and the best way to maintain them?

What is an Impulse Sealer?  How does it work?  Why do you need one?  How do I fix my Impulse Sealer?

Regular maintenance on your machine is an important part of keeping it working at optimal capacity and efficienc
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Troubleshooting Impulse Sealers

Trouble Shooting Your Impulse Sealer

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If you're experiencing problems with your impulse sealer, please go through the following troubleshooting steps to help determine the problem.

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Why You Should Read the Manufacturer's Stamp on Your Cardboard Box?

Each manufacturer will use a certified stamp to indicate the specifications of the cardboard box.  
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Smart Jet Plus 80000

Smart Jet Plus 80000

The Smart Jet Plus 80000 is a flexible, fast and efficient Ink Jet Printer
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Why You Need Bin Boxes

Bin boxes come in a variety of styles and are useful in a number of applications. The person or business wishing to stay organized or keep his or her business inventory more manageable will appreciate using different styles of bin boxes.
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Manual and Electronic Stenciling

Stenciling can be a complicated process, but is made easier with the use of Stencil Machines.  Stenciling is used in many industries to mark products, pallets, signs and much more.  
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Choosing the Right Impulse Sealer or Constant Heat Sealer

Choosing the right sealer is just as important as choosing the correct plastic for your job.  When deciding on which sealer you need, consider the plastic you will be using for your project.  Do you need a strong plastic, food grade type or just need a clear plastic for presentation?  Once you decide on the plastic you will be using it is time to choose your sealer.  

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Stretch Wrap: Blown or Cast?

Cast Stretch Wrap is more cost effective and clearer than Blown Stretch Film, but does not have the hold power that Blown Stretch Film has. 
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Document Envelopes

Document Envelopes are perfect for your important documents. 
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Stamping for Personal and Business Use

Rubber Stamping can be used in your every day business and personal life.  When using a rubber stamper you apply ink, paint or dye onto a rubber sheet, which has been altered to create your desired message.  This message may be an image, pattern or even words and letters.  The altered rubber sheet is then adhered to a block, wooden handle mount or perhaps a self inking device. 
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Proper Packaging for a Safe Shipment

Proper Packaging for a Safe Shipment

When choosing the proper packaging for the items you need to assess the materials being packaged.  Consider the shape, weight and solidity of the items when deciding which packaging would be best for the job.  You want your completed package to be sturdy and labeling to be visible for whatever may happen on its journey.

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Your Packages Journey

If getting your package to its destination in one piece matters; you are concerned about what your package has gone through on its journey.  Was it dropped?  Was it thrown?  Was it slide across the floor with un-necessary haste?  The trouble is that only your package and the handlers (of which there will be many) know the extent of stress your package was put through.

The solution is simple, ask your package how its trip was.  If you think that is a crazy idea, not really.  With Tip N Tell Indicators you can do the next best thing.  They affix onto your shipment.  Tip N Tell Indicators increase awareness of the importance of handling your package with care.  Ease of use and tamperproof features, make these products highly desirable for shipment safety.

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Plastic Sheeting for Plants and Gardens

Whether you are growing fruits, vegetables or flowers; plastic (poly) sheeting is a very versatile product to help with weed prevention, soil temperature and early germination.

You can use clear plastic sheeting to make a green house environment for your seedlings.  Not only will it help keep them warmer, but it will help keep wind and heavy rain from damaging the young plants.

Black plastic sheeting absorbs heat during the day and that heat keeps the soil warm in the evening.  If you want to have even more heat, double up the plastic.

Laying down plastic sheeting, whether black or clear will help kill weeds which helps plants grow. 

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Heat Sealers and How They Work

Heat sealers are used for most plastic sealing.  Using a heat sealer ensures that your product has not been tampered with and is secure.  These machines are used in the medical, dental, food service, coffee service, media industry and any area where a secure seal is needed.
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Choosing the Right Protective Package Filling

If you are packing gift boxes with air pillows and newsprint for personal shipping or you run a business that regularly ships out large numbers of packages using anti-static foam or bubble cushioning, deciding on the perfect protective package filling is essential to keeping your shipments safe and undamaged.

There are many different types of packaging filling, and understanding the benefits and usage of each is essential to properly packing.
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Loose Fill and Peanut Dispensers for Efficient Packaging

Loose fill packing materials are a great way to protect fragile objects during shipment. A loose fill dispensing system makes using loose fill peanuts easier and more convenient. Several types are available, including gravity-powered and vacuum and dispenser all-in-ones. Dispensing systems also come in a wide range of capacities to suit your shipment volume.
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Your Business in the Bubble

If you are in the business of manufacturing or distributing products, either to business clients or individual consumers, the delivery of those items is an extremely important part of the process. You have a wide range of options when it comes to shipping, but if you want to make sure that your products arrive at their destination safely, you really should consider bubble mailers to keep those materials protected. Bubble mailers are extremely affordable, especially when compared to the cost of damaged products and return logistics. Most bubble mailers also come with a self-sealing feature, which makes usage extremely easy and cuts down on the man-hours required for the shipping process.
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