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Corrugated Sheets of Cardboard

Sheets of Corrugated cardboard are essential in the shipping, packing and moving industries. The sheets wrap up breakables. They protect glass, metal, china and silver from scratches, chips or breaks. The cardboard corrugated sheets conform to any shape, because it is flexible and shock absorbing. Corrugated cardboard sheets are sold in full bundles and are 18 lb test rating. There are many different sizes. "A" flute is standard but B, C, D, and D Flute are available, also. The corrugated cardboard also is available in rolls for handling and distributing ease in packing centers, and to encompass large item wrapping.
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Confused on which bag sealer to purchase?  Keep reading, we make it easier.

Confused on which bag sealer to purchase? Keep reading, we make it easier.

Use our Bag Sealer Selector to help you choose which Heat Sealer is best for your needs. Choosing a Bag Sealer can be confusing, we help make it easier. .

Click here to visit our Bag Sealer Selector

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The History of Tape

The history of tape began in 1845 when a surgeon, Dr. Horace Day invented adhesive tape that was pressure sensitive and would adhere without adding heat, solvent or water. Tape was developed commercially in the early twentieth century. Read on to learn more about the history of this amazing product!
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All About Shrink Wrap

Shrink wrap is a packaging solution that covers a wide range of products. Trimmed shrink film gets heat which takes the form of the objects exact size. For items that need a tight seal, shrink wrap is good for multi-purpose attachments too. The heat that is applied to the shrink film helps the shrink wrap take the shape of whatever form it is wrapping around.
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How To Use Shrink Wrap Bags

Easy to follow Steps to Shrink Wrapping
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AIE Sealers

AIE- Sealers  also known as American International Electric manufactur the number one selling sealer in America.

AIE Sealers became number one because of the workmanship that goes into making all AIE Sealers  last long and worry free.
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