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How Does a Coding Machine Work?  Picking the Right One.

Around the world, many companies have changed the way they do business seemingly overnight. For some, these changes include shipping products or producing consumable goods.

With this transition comes the need for more companies to comply with packaging laws. However, complying with these laws doesn’t have to hinder your operation.

A coding machine can help you label and date packages and products efficiently. Inkjet coders are among the most versatile packaging printing devices available.

To learn how a coding machine works, continue reading.

What Is an Inkjet Coding Machine?

Coding is a universal requirement for companies that manufacture and distribute packaged goods. For instance, there are labeling requirements for products such as:

• Beverages
• CBD products
• Foods
• Prescription drugs

Laws may require these industries to include any combination of expiration dates, best buy by dates, use-by dates, or sell-by dates. Depending on your industry, the law may also require you to include lot numbers and barcodes.

Some of this information changes with time and others remain the same. Also, most of this information goes on the primary packaging.

However, the law may require you to notate the secondary packaging as well. Secondary packaging may include boxes that you use for shipping.

Either way, you’ll need coding equipment that prints clear and legible code. The packaging laws that require you to print codes also mandate that the information is understandable. Accordingly, it’s critical that you choose a high-quality, effective coding machine for your operation.

A coding machine is your most resourceful option for the task. Today’s coding tools are versatile and easy to use. With a modern inkjet coding machine, you can easily reprogram the device to print various packaging information.

Some coding machines print in color. Also, you can choose from handheld models, or in-line coders that attach to a conveyor system.

Coding Machines in Action

There are many different applications for coding machines. For example, you may need one to print batch numbers or batch codes as required by law.

It’s important to comply with batch coding regulations. This information is important in case there’s a product recall. Failure to comply with batch coding laws can result in severe penalties.

If you run a small shipping operation, a handheld inkjet coding machine makes batch coding easy. Today’s high-end handheld coding machines are compact and reliable.

You can control them wirelessly without using a router. High-end handheld coders work with Bluetooth technology. You can also use your smartphone to access real-time reporting.

The equipment can print on porous and non-porous surfaces You can also use it to print barcodes, QR codes, and company logos.

You can program an inkjet coder manually. When programming devices locally, and inkjet coder has a large screen that makes it easy to operate.

However, a batch coding machine makes the job much easier. You can upload information to a handheld inkjet batch coding machine from a database.

Today’s advanced inkjet coders can print in multiple fonts and texts sizes. They can also print in multiple directions. A hand batch coding machine also works in a range of environments, from cold to hot.

Coding Machine Features

It’s important to know what to look for in a coding machine. For example, you must assess the quality and sharpness of a coder.

Check the resolution and sharpness of the text when looking for a device. You’ll want to find the highest resolution printing capability, allowing you to print readable information.

Also, consider the waste generated by a potential coding system. You want a coder that’s efficient in terms of ink, solvent, and toner use. In addition to reducing waste, an eco-friendly coding machine will also result in a lower cost of ownership.

It’s also a good idea to look for a coding machine with multiline capability. Also, you’ll want a device that can output multiple kinds of information.

For example, look for equipment that can print text, graphics, barcodes, logos, and other visuals. What’s more, you’ll want it to print these various visuals clearly.

Ideally, look for a device that can print at least three lines. It’s worth noting, however, that some high-end devices can print up to five or more lines.

Choosing a Coding Machine

Most importantly, it’s essential that you choose a commercial-grade coding machine that will last. You’ll need a device that can stand up to the demanding rigors of daily production.

Look for a coding machine that’s solid and well-built. Also, you want a precise device. You’ll also want equipment that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.

Furthermore, look for a user-friendly coding machine. Production work is demanding as it is.

The purpose of investing in a handheld inkjet coder is to increase efficiency. You don’t want to add additional tasks to your employees’ workflow.

A coding machine should have a clear, easy to read user interface. What you see on the screen is what the device should print.

You also want a device that’s easy to customize. Accordingly, look for a coding machine with a full suite of design and imaging software.

An Equipment Supplier That You Can Count On

When shopping for a coding machine, it’s also important to find reliable batch coding machines, suppliers. Pack Secure has served businesses for more than two decades.

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