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The global demand for specialty paper stands at over 25,354 tons per year. These are the papers mainly used to push minimalists packaging ideas. With the demand for minimalist packaging designs, this figure will grow even further.

But why is this trend gaining popularity? Do you want to put your product on the map for both consumers and retailers?

Here's how the choice to use this type of packaging can help your business.

What Is Minimalist Packaging?

Minimalism is a belief that design or piece of work should only carry what is important and remove unnecessary clutter. It’s the idea that simplicity of design should only have a very little but clear message, photo or color. Minimalists argue that less is actually more, or when a design is made simple, it communicates better.

Minimalist packaging is a design of packaging which uses only the most important write-ups on the case as well as an image that has one or two elements. It avoids clatter on the cover of the package by having a design that is seen as simple to the eye. In a digital age, minimalist designs are seen as clean and creative.

Minimalist packaging can also involve the amount of paper and wrappings you need to put together with the item you are packing. Ensure that the product only goes with accessories needed and nothing more.

How Do You Achieve Minimalist Packaging?

This is more than deciding how to design packaging. It’s designing a packaging with the mind and idea that you want to use fewer elements. As a designer, this means playing around with elements of art to bring out a concept that is clear and communicates well.

We give you a list of ideas on how you can bring out a minimalist concept in packaging.

1. White Space

Ensure that the image stands out by use of blank spaces with the image appearing to be alone. This pulls the eye to the only object on the white space.

2. Outstanding Element

Pick one element of your design and let it stand out. For example, if you want to push the logo as the most important element, do so by removing brand name or other materials. Other companies use the brand name to stand out more than the company logo.

3. Use Restraint

Be in control and avoid placing everything on the package. Many elements are competing to be in the box but you have a choice what goes in there. The competing elements include logo, brand or product name, photos, fonts, colors, and company information.

4. Achieve Balance

As an artist, there is nothing as vital to design as balance and perspective. The main element you decide to go with should be centered from all angles in order to attract buyers.

5. Rule of Thirds

This is an old rule of design. It means that the image should be a third of the entire package. Just because you want to bring out one element, don’t let it cover half or three-quarters of the package.

Benefits of Minimalist Packaging to a Business

There are many benefits that a good minimalist package brings to a business. You will need to balance between the costs of shipping and the manner in which your customers view your product. Here, we list for you 6 benefits that your business stands to benefit from a minimalist package.

1. Standing out in a Shelf

A product that has a minimalist design is clearly seen from a distance. It’s like a white sheep among multi-colored ones. This brings superiority among other products and a buyer is likely to pick on this product.

2. Clarity of Message

If a product only has its name on the label, a buyer can easily purchase it. For example, if you are selling milk and your minimalist packaging is marked “Milk”, a buyer who doesn’t even know your company brand would pick on it.

3. Looks Creative

A minimalist design and quality packaging are often seen to be a measure of creativity. Ensure that your designs are visible and clear to add to the element of creativity. In a world where the world is competing for your attention, minimalist design is seen to have overcome confusion and blocked the noise.

4. Looks Clean

When you set up a minimalist packaging, you are likely to convince a buyer that the product is quality and is clean. For example, mobile phones have taken after the iPhone to have a minimalist design in order to compete well.

Remember, this is all about playing with consumer behavior and the easily you convince them, the better sales you get.

5. Saves on Packaging Costs and Shipping Load

When you remove unnecessary packaging items including the size of the box, you are reducing on the materials used. This means you will only need less paper and less money spent on that package. It also saves you shipping costs as the package is lighter.

6. Ecologically Beneficial

The less packaging material, the better for the environment. We are living in an era where the use of plastics have clogged our rivers, oceans and other water bodies. Recycling is an option for the end user, but not everyone is keen on recycling.

For a minimalist packaging designer, he ensures that only the most needed materials are put in the box. Ensure you send out as much less plastic as possible.

Minimalist Packaging and Design Is Not Just a Trend but a Benefit for Your Business

Minimalist packaging has been around for a while now but the trend seems not to fade. Many businesses are opting for minimalist designs as ideal concepts for getting buyers and saving costs. Indeed, minimalist packaging concepts can draw customers to you and at the same time save on your shipping costs.

You can check on different high-end packaging ideas at Pack Secure. Here, you will have an opportunity of letting your brand stand out in a very competitive world. You will also find other tools that are needed during packaging.


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