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Anti-Static- contains a special anti-static additive that eliminates static electrical charges to protect electronic components. Anti-Static can be identified by the pink coloration of the plastic material.

Amber Bags - Polyethylene bags with a special UV resistant additive to protect light sensitive items.

Bags on a Roll - Continuous tubing sealed & perforated to make individual bags that easily tear off and open.

B-Flute - one of several names for this product. It is also known as single-face cardboard or corrugated roll cardboard. B-Flute is a flexible cardboard material that can be wrapped around items or used as void fill. Excellent material for use as a protective cushioning around books & CD's/DVD's being shipped in the mail.

Bar code - Utilizes a system of printed bars that are able to be scanned and enables the user to identify a part or parcel.

Broken case - An open case. The term is often used interchangeably with "less-than-full-case" to name the area in which materials are picked in that form.

Centerfold Shrink Film - Heat shrinkable plastic film made from PVC or Polyolefin. Comes folded in half and wound on rolls. Most commonly used with I-bar and L-bar shrink wrapping systems.

Element - A flat or ribbon strip of Ni-Chrome wire used in an impulse sealer to create a seal between 2 pieces of heat sealable material.

Flat Poly - A poly bag or poly tubing with 2 dimensions - width & length. Measured laying flat.

Foam Rolls - Cushioning and void fill material that comes in roll form. Cut to size and either heat seal or tape to secure around objects. Provides outstanding protection.

Garment Bag - Light-weight, thin poly bag used to protect clothing while still allowing them to be hung on a hanger to prevent wrinkling. Also known as dry cleaners bags.

Gusseted Poly Bags - A three dimensional bag - width, depth & length. The depth is the gusset and indicates the expansion size of the bag.

High Density Polyethylene - Thin & strong poly material that is used in the manufacture of many shopping type bags.

Hang Hole - A hole punched at the top of a bag(usually in the center) that allows the bag to be hung from a rod for display. Typically, a hang hole is used with reclosable zip bags used for sales floor displays. The hang hole is sometimes placed in the upper left or right hand corner to create an angled display.

I-Bar Shrink Wrap Sealer - A machine designed for shrink wrapping operations. An I-bar unit make a single, straight line seal on shrink film normally fed from a roll.

Impulse Sealer - also known as a heat sealer. These units use an electrical current passed through a Ni-Chrome wire heating element to seal bags & tubing. Can be used on many plastic materials to create strong permanent welds.

Lip - normally for easier handling of a poly bag, the lip is usually either longer on one end or ribbed for better grip. In the case of reclosable zip bags, the lip is not included in the measurement of the bag.

L-Bar Shrink Wrap Sealer - A machine designed for high volume shrink wrapping operations. An L-bar unit seals 2 sides per cycle in the shape of an "L". Most L-bar units come with a built-in roller system to feed shrink film into position.

Loose-Fill - A generic term for material used to fill voids in boxes. Most commonly associated with packing peanuts or popcorn.

Low Density Polyethylene - Very good clarity & strength. Can also handle being stretched a little without failing.

Mil. - The standard used to measure the thickness of a given material. 1 Mil. is equal to 1/1000 inch. The higher the Mil., the stronger the material.

Perforated - Small cuts in a material at regular lengths to aid in cutting or tearing cleanly & evenly. This is often done with bubble wrap. Regular perforations will be made every 12" so the material can simply be pulled apart instead of needing to be cut with a blade.

Polyethylene - Excellent for packaging & shipping many items. Polyethylene(Poly) bags are tough, puncture resistant so heavy or sharp edged products do not damage these bags. Poly bags have very good clarity and are easy to work with. Not affected by temperature extremes - they can go from freezer to boiling water with no adverse effect.

Polyethylene Tubing - A continuous length of flat poly material with sealed sides but no defined top or bottom. Tubing is cut to the desired length and sealed, stapled or taped closed.

Polypropylene - Stiffer than polyethylene. Non-porous vapor & moisture barrier. Will not absorb water and is mold & mildew proof.

Reclosable Zip Bags - Also known as zipper bags. These bags have a long lasting re-usable seal on the top that can be opened and closed many times without fail. Reclosable bags come in several varieties including clear, white-block, anti-static & amber.

Shrink Tunnel - A tunnel with a mechanical conveyor belt and heat emitting tubes for use in high volume shrink wrapping operations. Adjustable timers control speed and heating rates.

Shrink Wrap - A very high clarity film that reduces in size by up to 50% when heat is applied.

Slip Additive - Added to material to prevent sticking. Slip additive is most notably used in some bubble mailer cushioning material to make it easier to insert & remove the product.

Stretch Film - Also called stretch wrap. Clear film that can stretch up to 100%. Clings only to itself.

Tensile Strength - The amount of forced required to break a material by pulling it from opposite ends. The higher the tensile strength number, the stronger the material.

Vent Hole - A hole in the body of a bag that allows trapped air to escape and allows more stable stacking of the bags. Used on products such as mulch that are stacked on pallets.

White-Block - An area of white applied to poly bags or reclosable zip bags that is used to identify the bags contents. Can be used with pen, marker, rubber stamps or grease pencil. Good for writing part numbers or part names.


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