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How to Prevent Shipping Damage With These Key Products

You can minimize losses related to shipping damage with the right supplies.

Seemingly overnight, shipping demand has risen sharply. Resultantly, holiday-level shipping volume has become the norm.

In the past, retailers could plan for the holiday rush. The coronavirus, however, has caught the world’s companies by surprise.

Now, shipping companies must transport more packages with fewer drivers and less space. As a result, carriers have delivered a growing number of packages showing some form of damage.

To learn how to prevent package damage with a few key products, keep reading.

The Benefits of Shipping Damage Indicators

Packing supplies, sturdy boxes, poly bags, and proper cushioning help you to protect your shipments. However, how do you know if a carrier has mishandled your shipment?

Shipping damage indicators enable you to reduce losses due to mishandling during shipping. They help you to protect sensitive, fragile, and calibrated shipments.

Damage indicators also alert carriers to handle packages carefully. They’re a visual deterrent to the mishandling of shipments. If damage does occur, a shipping damage indicator will provide you with proof it happened.

Also, shipping damage indicators allow customers to inspect packages quickly. They also show your customers that you care about delivering your goods safely.

In this way, damage indicators help you to build better relationships with your customers. Best of all, they’re tamper-proof and easy to use.

Shock Damage Indicator

At some point, you’ve most likely fielded a damage package complaint. If so, you probably thought to yourself, “I wish I knew how to tell if my package was dropped.” Fortunately, there are devices suited specifically for this purpose.

An impact or drop indicator can help you to reduce instances of damage that occur during shipping. The device alerts handlers that you’re monitoring your shipment.

The ShockWatch indicator can reduce packaging damage significantly. It provides a clear indication of when a carrier has mishandled the package. The indicator is tamper-proof and turns bright red on impact.

A shipping damage indicator can alert your customers when they need to inspect the package. However, they’re also a great deterrent against package mishandling.

Tip N Tell Tip Indicator

A Tip N Tell is a shipping damage indicator that puts package handlers on notice immediately. It’s a brightly colored device that any logistics professional will recognize.

It’s easy to install a Tip N Tell indicator on your shipping container. You can nail it to your shipping container or affix it using an included adhesive backing.

Once you attach the indicator to your container, you’d pull the bar in the center of the device to activate it. Now, the indicator will alert you if a carrier tips your shipping container by turning blue.

If a carrier tips your container past a certain point, the indicator will change. However, it will remain unaffected as long as the carrier keeps the package upright as requested.

ColdMark Temperature Indicator

The Coldmark temperature indicator allows you to monitor temperature-sensitive shipments. It enables you to track whether extreme temperatures remain below a given threshold within an accuracy range of plus or minus 2 degrees.

The Coldmark temperature indicator is a cost-effective device. It enables you to monitor the temperature of your shipments. The indicator shows whether conditions pass a given threshold by turning from clear to violet.

The single-use units provide evidence of whether a carrier has exposed your shipment to unacceptable temperatures. You can order a Coldmark temperature indicator that monitors for a range of variances from -26-degrees to 50-degrees.

Warmmark Temperature Indicator

The Warmmark short-run temperature indicator allows you to tell if a shipment has exceeded a given temperature. It’s another relatively inexpensive device for monitoring packaging temperatures.

If temperatures exceed a given level, the monitor will turn red. This change provides evidence that the carrier has exposed your shipment to unsuitable conditions. You can use the Warmmark temperature indicator to check for temperature exposure that exceeds ranges from 0-degrees to 50-degrees.

Freeze Indicators

A Freeze indicator provides evidence of whether the carrier has exposed a shipment to cold temperatures. The indicator turns from green to red if temperatures drop below a given threshold. You can use the Freeze indicator to monitor for temperatures that exceed anywhere from 28-degrees to 59-degrees.

Doing Business in a Mail-Order World

Usually, shippers have months to prepare for the busy holiday retail season. However, the coronavirus gave shippers and retailers no advanced warning.

Despite this surprising turn of events, shipping companies are doing their best to move goods to their intended destination. Last-mile delivery employees are working overtime to execute a massive amount of deliveries. Nevertheless, the crush of increased deliveries has put shipping companies in a bind.

Unfortunately, these circumstances result in increased shipping damage. Now, it’s important to take steps to make sure that carriers know that you’re shipping sensitive goods.

The right packaging supplies are a smart solution. They enable you to reduce losses by expressing your needs to shippers and last-mile personnel. Furthermore, they can help you to promote satisfaction among your loyal customers.

Sourcing Supplies for Safe Shipping

Now, you know more about how to prevent package damage. All you need is a trustworthy source for your supplies.

Pack Secure has served businesses for more than two decades. We take great pride in delivering exceptional customer service. Whether you’re a one-person operation or a large company, fulfilling your needs is our top priority.

At Pack Secure, you can source top-quality shipping supplies at the best prices. Visit Pack-Secure.com today to browse our current inventory. If you’d like to arrange bulk pricing, feel free to contact one of our shipping specialists at (888) 511-7225.


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