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The platen spring is the technical term for the springs that support the ends of the aluminum bar holding the silicon rubber pressure pad.

Broken or worn platen springs can cause uneven or partial seals to be made because of irregular pressure being applied across the silicon rubber pressure pad.

Replacing the springs is very simple, quick and easy to do with just a phillips screwdriver. We did ours in less than 10 minutes

Unplug The Sealer!

1. Position the unit as shown in the picture. It will balance itself there pretty well and is the easiest position to be able to replace the springs.

2. To replace the platen springs, only one screw needs to be removed and that is the one in the center of the sealers arm. Apply a slight downward pressure to the platen arm(the aluminum arm with the silicon rubber pad in it) and using a #2 Phillips screwdriver loosen and remove the screw.

3. After removing the screw, the platen arm can be lifted off to expose the springs.  Remove the old springs and discard.

4. The new springs are installed on the 2 posts cast into the sealers arm. Simply place the springs over the posts and they will self align into position.

5. Lay the platen arm over the new springs lining up the notches in the arm to go over the springs as shown in the picture.

6. When properly aligned, the hole in the center of the platen arm should line up with the hole in the center of the main arm and the springs should be seated in the notches of
the platen arm.

7. Push down on the platen arm to align the 2 holes for the screw and install screw.

Do not over tighten screw but do snug it down. You should be able to feel the sides of the main arm pull in slightly as the screw is secured.

Now that the the unit is back together, stand it back up to its normal working position and check to make sure the silicon rubber pressure pad lands completely on the tan, non-stick cover and pivots freely on the center screw.

In some cases, if the platen arm is turned around during the spring replacement process the silicon rubber pad may hit the plastic end cap on the front end of the unit.

Plug the unit back in and put it back to work!


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