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Your Items May be in Danger of Rust

Armor Protective Packaging® is a leader in rust removal and prevention products.  These products include Armor VCI (vapor corrosion inhibitor) products that help prevent metal corrosion, also known as rust.  Corrosion inhibitors are known to slow down the rate of corrosion.  VCI are a class of chemical compounds.  They emit rust inhibiting vapors to assist in preventing corrosion on metal surfaces.  This is done by emitting rust inhibiting vapors into enclosed air spaces.

VCI Nanotechnology

Armor has created VCI Nanotechnology which helps protect your items for years.  It helps keep stored items, shipments and in process metals rust free. 

Armor engineered specialized corrosion inhibitors based on ionic salts.  Materials for packaging are infused with them, carrying them into the packaged environment.  When moisture is present the salts dissolve to form ions, spreading throughout the packaging with corrosion inhibitors.  The ions are then drawn to and deposit on the metal surface, which displaces moisture in the process, then re-associating to form a stable nanocoating only a few molecules thick. 

  • ·        The effect of this can last for up to 2 years.
  • ·        The VCI will self-adjust based on temperature and humidity.
  • ·        This film will not change any metal properties.
  • ·        The vapors will replenish inside your packaging.
  • ·        It migrates to recessed areas and distant metal surfaces



This technology is an inexpensive and simple methods to verify the VCI content of their products.  You just need to shine a black light on any of Armors Poly® VCI film and you will see visible proof that VCI is present.



VCI Film (sheeting, bags, tubing, reclosables, stretch and shrink).  There are several types of film offered by Armor.  ARMOR Poly, FOUNDRY Film, ARMOR SHIELD Stretch Film, SEA Film.  Each is unique and has different layers of barrier protection.

VCI Paper Sheets and Sheeting, also known as ARMOR WRAP is coated with ARMOR VCI on both sides. 


Desiccants and Emitters, are known by the brand name ARMOR SHIELD.  Desiccants draw moisture from the area they are put in to control humidity.  Emitter, are infused with the ARMOR VCI formula.  They are used in areas where VCI poly and paper cannot be used, such as electrical cabinets.


Rust Removal and Preventatives offer excellent protection for your items. 

Dry Coat is a liquid applicant for ferrous metals.  It is a water based product, as opposed to oils.  They dry quicker and are not as messy. 

Metal Rescue Bath is a rust removal product.  The Metal Rescue Bath uses a selective chelating agent to remove rust.  It poses no environmental, safety or health concerns.  It is water based and rust can be removed in 5 minutes – 24 hours, it depends on the amount of rust being removed.  It requires no brushing or scrubbing.

Metal Rescue Gel is great for hard to reach spots.  It is a rust remover more suited for steel and iron.  It is non-toxic and is formulated to cling to metal.  Apply this Gel only where it is needed to eliminate waste. 

ARMOR Products are very helpful in cleaning, preserving and storing metal items.

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