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Beginner's Guide to eCommerce Packaging Supplies

Did you know that almost $1 trillion is spent every year within the eCommerce market in the United States alone?

While you may think the eCommerce market is huge now, experts around the world suggest that it’s only going to increase over the next few years.

With so many companies offering delivery services, offering premium packaging can be the perfect way to help your brand stand out. In this way, your packaging can be used both to protect your product and to enhance your overall brand.

Are you looking for a beginner’s guide to eCommerce packaging? You’re in the right place. Here’s everything you need to know about eCommerce packaging along with the different types of packaging available.

What Is eCommerce Packaging?

Simply put, eCommerce packaging is the packaging used to protect a product during the shipping process. This kind of packaging comes in all shapes and sizes, allowing you to ship nearly anything around the world.

While all packaging is important, eCommerce packaging is one of the few ways an online business gets to interact directly with the customer. Having the right packaging can help enhance the entire experience, with the unboxing of the product helping to elevate the entire brand.

Investing in reliable and custom packaging can help set your brand apart from the competition. It can also go a long way in building a relationship with customers, encouraging brand loyalty that can result in recurring sales.

How to Package Your Products

When it comes to packaging your products, the number one priority is to keep the product safe throughout the journey. Customers who receive damaged or broken goods may end up costing you money in possible refunds and lost sales. This makes investing in premium packaging worth it.

In addition to quality, you should take some time to find the right size packaging for your product. The dimensions and weight of the package are directly related to the shipping cost. This means that you could be saving on your transportation costs by just switching to better packaging.

Types of eCommerce Packaging

There are many types of packaging solutions available for your business. Here’s a quick look at the different options.

Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated Boxes

Boxes are some of the most useful forms of packaging. These boxes come in a variety of different sizes, making them perfect for whatever you’re shipping. Finding the right size is important as it can help save you money on transportation costs.

Tuck Top Mailers

Tuck Top Mailers

Mailers are perfect for smaller products or accessories. Small tuck top mailers come in a few different sizes with a deep literature mailer option for shipping thicker items. Outside tuck boxes are also available, allowing you to present your product in a clean and compact box.


Poly Mailers

Envelopes are also a great option if you’re shipping smaller items. This can help save you quite a bit on shipping and handling costs as you won’t need to use a larger box.

These mailers can be secured with bubble wrap inside to keep your product safe while in transit.

Internal Protective Packaging

If you’re shipping valuable or fragile goods, you will want packaging with a bit more security. Here are some of your options.

Double-Walled Boxes

If you want to add more security to your packaging, consider double-walled boxes. Just as the name suggests, these boxes have reinforced walls. This helps add more durability to the package, protecting it from side impacts along the way.

Shrink Film

Shrink Film

Using shrink film on your products comes with a wide range of benefits. Besides protecting the product, it also increases the professionalism of the packaging. This can also help keep the items from being tampered with along the way as your customers will know they are getting the product just as you have wrapped it.

Preparing for Shipping

When it comes to eCommerce packaging, the finishing touches are just as important. Here’s a look at how you can help set your brand apart through packaging.

Branded Items

As mentioned above, packaging for online stores is one of the only ways to interact directly with the customer. This means that the packaging you choose can go a long way in creating and enhancing your entire brand. Adding stickers, promotional leaflets, or even a personal note can go a long way in enhancing the unboxing experience.

Packing Slips

Packing Slip Envelope

Packing slips along with a clear envelope are usually attached to the outside of the box or parcel. This is an important document as it will outline what’s inside the package for both the courier and customer. This is sometimes compulsory for international shipments.


Once you have filled your box or envelope, you are going to need to seal it. This is where sealing tape will come in handy. Custom tapes are also available, allowing you to go above and beyond to set your packaging apart from the competition.

Finding the Best Packaging for Your Business

Quality eCommerce packaging can really make a difference. This is even more important in the eCommerce industry, as you will want to make sure that your customers get your product in one piece.

Your packaging can also be a tool to enhance your overall brand. That’s why it’s vital that you find the right packaging solution for your eCommerce business.

If you are not sure or want to learn more about the packaging options available, contact us today. For all your packaging, sealing and shipping needs, we are here to help.


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