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5 Ideas to Rebranding your Packaging

Are you considering a rebranding for your products? A proper rebrand is a grueling process that almost nobody wants to do. Even so, it can do wonders for your business.

There are many different advantages to rebranding products. It gives your product a new lease on life. This improves consumer awareness and market share acquisition.

Knowing how to rebrand is a crucial business decision. This starts with knowing how to repackage. How do you do it?

In this guide, we’ll give you everything you need to know about the rebranding process.

1. Consider Whether You Need Rebranding

The first thing you need to do is to consider whether you need to rebrand the product itself. There are many different reasons why you would think you need to start rebranding. Some rebranding examples would include a few things.

First, your business might need to appeal to a different demographic. Some products will have inter-demographic appeal. Even then, some people will not try it if the packaging does not resonate with them.

You would need to get your product to undergo repackaging. This is to induce a better mass-market appeal.

Another reason for rebranding products is for recovery. Some brands would want to move away from a bad image. 

Some brands will have a problematic history and undergoing a rebrand can give it a better life. If there was any scandal or bad stock value, a proper rebrand gives you a chance to recover.

Are you looking to distinguish yourself from the competition? Many niche products will try to follow the same formula when it comes to packaging. If you want to steer yourself away from your competitors, then rebranding is the right move.

2. Consider Risks and Return on Investment

By this point, you determined that rebranding products are right for the business. 

Now, you need to do a risk assessment and see if you get a positive return on investment on it. In any endeavor, checking for its viability means seeing if people will enjoy it and if you’ll make money on it.

How do you measure this?

First, quantify the budget that you need to have to start the rebranding process. If you have existing resources that you can dedicate on how to rebrand, that’s positive for you. Remember that the process of rebranding does not stop when you repackage your product.

There are a few common details that you need to take care of with your rebrand. This includes:

  • Product logo
  • Package design and art
  • Signages and advertising
  • Print materials and creatives
  • Marketing materials online and offline

You want to make sure that all of these not only pass through the rebrand but get an update too. If, after doing the entire rebranding process, that you can still earn a good ROI, it’s best to continue.

Make sure that the entire rebrand is not cost-prohibitive. You want to reduce the costs of freight and packaging materials to make better returns.

3. Communicate to Stakeholders the Rebranding Process

Your next move when you undergo the rebranding process is to communicate this to all stakeholders. 

Many businesses will have different people who have a stake in the company. As a rebrand can make or break the business, it’s crucial to inform them that it’s about to happen.

Why should you inform them?

The worst thing that can happen is to forget telling one board member. This will make the entire rebrand more problematic as they will create big obstacles. From the start of the repackaging process, make sure that you communicate all pertinent details.

This should include:

  • Rebranding process timeline
  • Rebrand budget
  • Objectives and goals
  • Rebranding research data
  • Improvements in your competitive position 
  • Risks and ROI

Keeping everyone in your organization on the same page can curb any discontent. It allows everyone to assist you once you start rolling out the brand.

4. Start The Repackage

Now, starting the rebrand with the packaging should start. As we noted before, the entire rebrand starts with working on the details of the packaging. This starts with the research process.

Pick the right colors that will show your brand with strong clarity. It needs to show what the product is and what’s the brand behind this packaging.

You want your rebrand to make it honest. It needs to be representative of the brand image that you want to show to your buyers. Whether you’re going for minimalist package design or maximalist aesthetics, it needs to feel genuine.

You want the entire rebranding efforts to show authenticity and originality. If you have a specific feeling that you’re trying to exude in your branding, use your repackage. You would want to set your brand apart from the rest.

5. Do An Effective Rollout

Now that the rebranding process is on the way, you would want to do a proper, effective rollout. To do so, everything needs to start on an internal level. 

Talk to your employees and show them the fruits of their labor. Show rebranding examples and how it relies on their continued support as branding advocates. You would want them to love the entire rebranding and be there every step of the way.

Start with internal PR. Set up meetings within the team for the new rebranding products. Show them the new creatives and marketing material and find out if they have suggestions on improving it.

Once you finish converting your internal team, start with external PR campaigns. Work towards having featured mentions and paid advertising. Start hinting the rebranding products in social media and other audience touchpoints.

Start launch parties and invite people to cover the event. Ask the community to join the event. You want to make sure that more people hear about the rebranding.

This Is How To Rebrand

If you want to learn how to rebrand, the entire process is painstaking work. You want to start with proper research and do the rebranding right. Make sure all your materials are there and there is a return on investment for this entire endeavor.

When it comes to rebranding, the most crucial work is having the right equipment and logistics to do a repackage. What you need is a team you can trust that can provide everything you need. 

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