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Mushroom Sealers:  How They Can Be Used in the Mushroom Industry
The global mushroom market is expected to increase 9.3% to over $53 million by 2027.
Both nutritional and medicinal uses of mushrooms are rapidly expanding. Yet, high operational costs challenge growth this projected growth.
No one wants crop loss due to contamination. Luckily, there are techniques to cultivate mushrooms both safely and efficiently.
Sealing mushroom bags in the cultivation process will help prevent major headaches later. Using impulse sealers such as the AIE-405HIM can ensure bags are properly sealed in a quick, efficient manner.
Whether you are running a small grow operation for local restaurants or if you are shipping mushrooms all across the country, impulse sealers can protect you. Here is how they can help you profit from the mushroom boom.

Bags in the Mushroom Industry

While some mushrooms can be grown on logs, bags allow larger numbers to be grown in a compact setting.  Sterilization is also far easier when using filtered bags made for mushrooms.
Mushroom grow bags can be used for spawning or making fruiting blocks.
Spawning can be done in sealed jars, but a bag offers a couple of benefits.  First, breaking up spawn is easier with more flexible packaging.  Second, removing spawn from a bag creates less of a contamination risk.
Fruiting is more efficient in a bag, as the sawdust block mixture can be placed directly in the bag. The bag prevents contaminants from entering and destroying crops. It also allows you to see if colonization is complete.
After the planting area has been inoculated with spawn, it is vital that the grow bag be sealed.

What Are Impulse Sealers?

There are many ways to seal bags for food packaging and other industrial uses. If you've ever had to cut open or tear a sealed plastic bag, chances are you've been on the other end of an impulse sealer.
This is because impulse sealers are one of the most efficient and safest ways to seal plastic packaging.  The machine has a heating element that helps seal one piece of plastic to another.
When activated, electricity flows through the heating element for a set time to melt the plastic. Contrary to other sealing devices, the element is only hot when actively in use. Rubber or silicone components also help protect the user.

How to Expedite Mushroom Sealing

Mushrooms are increasingly on restaurant menus. Some people tout them as a crucial skincare ingredient. With growing potential, harvesting efficiently is key and it is clear that bags are the way to go.
There are several techniques that can be used to seal mushroom packaging. Some cultivators use adhesives to close the bag, double bag the product, or heat metal rods to melt the plastic.
Not only are these approaches time-consuming and some potentially dangerous, but they increase the chances of contamination.
Sterile sealing is vital to success. An impulse sealer can help protect your harvest in a faster way than other sealing techniques.

Choosing an Impulse Sealer

  • Select Your Bag Types
While an impulse sealer will undoubtedly speed up the process, different types will work at different speeds. Think about both current and future use.
Be sure to keep the growth of your business in mind. With the industry projecting large growth in the next few years, you are better off purchasing a more advanced device now instead of upgrading later.
Mushroom bags come in different sizes and thicknesses depending on the type of mushroom, how many you will grow per bag, and the growing medium. Similarly, different machines are better for different sizes.
Keep alternate uses in mind as well.  While it's clear that sealing bags to grow mushrooms is the ideal method, you may find it easiest to seal any dehydrated products in bags with the same sealer.
  • Check Out Impulse Sealer Types
The size of your operation will likely determine the type of impulse sealer that is best for you. The hobbyist or new entrepreneur may opt for a hand sealer, while larger operations will likely demand a foot-operated sealer.
Hand sealers are perfect for those with a small budget. Smaller growing operations with little space may opt for this option as well.
Foot sealers, on the other hand, are more efficient if you have the space in your operation.  These devices are operated with a foot pedal so your hands can focus on the task at hand. More features are also available on foot sealers.
Regardless of the type you select, an impulse sealer will be far more efficient than other methods.
  • Think of Your Must-Have Features
A basic hand sealer is perfect for any budget, but additional features may make the sealing process easier.
Be sure to check the thickness of the heating element. A thinner element may fit a smaller budget, but a thicker element will create a stronger seal.
A cutter is an initial upgrade that you may wish to investigate. More often used in the medical or law enforcement fields, this feature will allow you to keep your environment more sterile and organized.
You may also wish to opt for a magnetic hold feature. This feature keeps the sealer in place through both the heating and cooling cycle, to ensure a clean, secure finish. It also allows for a more hands-free process.

Top 3 Impulse Sealers in the Mushroom Industry


Ready to Streamline Your Mushroom Business?

Running a business with a finicky crop is stressful. Protecting your product in its developing stages is a no-brainer.
If you'd like to put the worry of crop contamination out of your mind, contact us to see which impulse sealers will work best for you. We'll have you running an efficient harvest in no time!



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