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5 Reasons Why Meat Packaging is Important

Vacuum packaging makes up 40% of meat cases. However, other options like store wrap and modified atmosphere meat packing are equally suitable for keeping meat fresh. 

But why is meat packaging important? 

Not only do meat wrappers preserve the quality of the meat, but they protect the food from damage. So, you must use packaging companies or products when storing large quantities of meat. 

Keep reading to learn more about packing meat with sturdy and reliable materials. 

A Brief History of Meat Preservation

Food processing and meat preservation go back 3.4 million years, so it's not a straightforward technique that is easy to do. You need to know the proper methods and tricks for keeping your meat fresh and clean. 

Even though salt and cold smoking are the most common ways of curing and preserving meat, meat packaging is the only way to ensure that the meat is free from harmful bacteria. 

That's why hiring a packaging company is a popular choice for businesses that look after a large amount of meat and want to find ways of improving its quality. 

So, what else makes meat packaging so important? 

5 Reasons Meat Packaging Is Essential

A meat packer is in charge of wrapping the meat, so it's safe for shipment and storage. This is vital if you want to reduce the risk of outside contamination on your product, but it's also necessary for its shelf life. 

1. Longer Shelf Life

From a business perspective, the last thing you want is a whole batch of meat going bad because the meat packaging is thin and easily damaged. If your meat becomes contaminated, it can't be sold. 

So, you must ensure that the packaging is tight enough that no oxygen sneaks into the meat. Otherwise, it will decrease its shelf life and not be good quality for consumers. 

2. Maintains Physical Appearance

Most of us don't want to receive bruised and battered meat during a shipment. It looks unprofessional and low quality, so a robust meat package is critical for ensuring there are no damages during transportation. 

For instance, meat can fall in a truck, be misplaced during handling, or be damaged in transit. Therefore, thinking carefully about the packaging is essential to avoid disasters. 

3. Convenient Method

Using a meat wrapper or vacuum packaging is a convenient and easy way to preserve the quality and get the meat ready for shipment. Alternatively, this is great for storing it in a home. 

Once you have the suitable materials, you can place the meat inside and forget about it. It's quick and efficient. 

4. A Fresh Taste

Maintaining the fresh taste of meat is hard when it needs to be transported from location to location, so you must do everything you can to make it fresh for longer. 

Meat packaging will keep the meat looking and tasting fantastic. Now, with modern technology, you don't even have to wrap the meat manually. Machines exist like meat overwrappers to take care of it for you! 

5. No Risk of Tampering

Finally, meat packaging is the only way to ensure that there will be no tampering with the product. 

When you include labels and firm packaging, you'll be able to tell if someone has opened the meat before consumption. This can be useful in the business world and at home. 

It's easy to lose track of when you open a product, but strong meat packaging will remind you if you forget. It will also guarantee that consumers don't receive items that have been tampered with.

You can even include a breakaway closure and other graphics on the meat package for extra security. 

Types of Meat Packaging for Retail

In retail, there are three main ways to package meat: vacuum packagingmodified atmosphere packaging, and store wrap packaging. However, the type of packaging will depend on the volume of meat. 

You want the packaging to be flexible for transport, but it's also essential to retain its high-quality appearance for consumer needs. So, at the end of the day, it will come down to convenience and priority. 

Store wrap is a quick and easy packaging material, but it's not as reliable and safe as modified atmosphere packaging. Whereas vacuum packaging is a time-tested technique that never fails for preserving meat. 

Thankfully, tools like manual meat overwrappers can help you get through large quantities of meat without losing the quality and ensure safety measures are met to industry standards. 

What Is a Manual Meat Overwrapper?

Meat Wrapper

A manual meat overwrapper is frequently used in retail and business to pack meat using meat film securely. Similar to plastic film, it protects delicate items and limits external contamination. 

The film dispenser releases the exact amount of meat film for a product, and the film cutoff allows the material to be cut when necessary.

A stainless steel prep area enables you to handle and sanitize the surfaces, so they are clean.

When the process is nearly complete, it's placed on a heating pad, tightening the product and preventing air holes from forming.

This meat wrapper system is excellent for large businesses or busy people looking for a quick and reliable solution to their meat packaging problems. 

You can find these manual overwrappers in various styles and sizes, so they can be adjusted to your personal needs. But, you'll need the best materials and supplies to operate this machine. 

That's why, at Pack Secure, we deliver all the packaging and shipping supplies you need to wrap meat correctly. 

Don’t Settle for Cheap Packaging Materials

Even though a manual overwrapper is a clever and helpful system, you won't be able to wrap your meat safely without the right materials. The meat packaging will fall apart, and you won't be able to consume it. 

Don't overlook the importance of meat packaging supplies when wrapping your meat. It's the one thing that can make or break the shelf life of your meat. 

So, prioritize high-quality packaging materials and buy from us today

We have a diverse range of products and supplies that will make the process of meat wrapping safe and secure for everyone involved. 


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