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Using Shock Shipping Indicators to Prevent Package Damage

What Are Shock Indicator Stickers?

Shock indicator stickers are crucial for warehouse operations because they help ensure safe, smooth processes for preparing and shipping packages. They can identify if a package was exposed to harmful impact during transit or storage.

These stickers help deter the mishandling of packaged goods and any costs related to product damage. For example, when using a ShockWatch indicator, if it turns bright red, it indicates that a package encountered damaging impact at some stage during shipment.

While shipping indicators are crucial for safely managing packages and reducing damage-related costs, there are specific guidelines to know when you prepare your products for shipping to prevent damage. This article will cover everything to know about shipping impact indicators, their benefits, and other types of indicators to prevent shipping and handling damages.

Why Use Shock Impact Indicators?

Shock indicator stickers are an investment for your business, making it essential to know why shipping indicators are so important. There are numerous advantages and benefits to impact indicators when making this purchase.

Your organization should use shipping damage indicators to influence and improve the shipping environment. Impact labels remind workers of the importance of carefully packaging products and handling shipments with care. Shipping indicators remind packagers that their work is monitored, encouraging a gentler approach to shipping and handling.

Another advantage of shock impact indicators is their ability to improve your control over your warehouse operations and guarantee accountability if goods receive damage during shipping and handling. Impact indicators identify the cause of damage, when the damage occurred, and which party is responsible for the damage.

You should implement methods that help you identify issues in your supply chain to ensure that buyers are happy with their products and receive undamaged goods. With shock impact indicators, your company benefits because it improves customer satisfaction and lowers the cost of damages.

What Are ShockWatch Impact Indicators?

ShockWatch Impact Indicators are stickers placed on shipments to boost awareness about handling packages with care throughout the entire supply chain and shipment process. ShockWatch are the most popular brand of shock indicators, are easy to use and have tamperproof features to ensure shipment safety.

Source: shockwatch.com.au

ShockWatch Impact Indicators are mechanically-activated and turn bright red if an impact occurs during the shipment. The bright red color makes these labels a visible deterrent to mitigate the risk of product mishandling. These indicators have an omnidirectional response, meaning they detect and respond to harmful impacts from all directions.

Types of ShockWatch Indicators

Five primary variations for shock indicators are represented by different colors: green, orange, red, purple, and yellow. The colors represent different variations in sensitivity to external impact. All shock indicators have a corresponding G-rating, meaning that when an indicator exceeds this rating, it becomes red and indicates damage.

  • Green shock indicators are the least sensitive and can withstand a 100G rating. For a package weighing less than 45 kilograms and dropped from a distance of 90+cm, the dye in the green indicator will break.

  • Orange shock indicators are the next least sensitive indicator and are also unsuitable for packages above 45 kilograms, and they can handle a G-rating of 75G. Any package weighing more than 45 kilograms and dropped from distances between 30 and 45 centimeters will cause the dye to break.

  • Red indicators work for packages above and below 45 kilograms, making them suitable for many shipping and handling processes. Red indicators can withstand a G-rating of 50G. Any packages weighing less than 45 kilograms with a red shock indicator dropped between 30 and 60 centimeters will cause the dye will break.

  • Purple shock indicators can withstand a G-rating of 37G. Packages that weigh more than 45 kilograms dropped from distances between 20 to 40cm will break the dye.

  • Yellow indicators can withstand a G-rating of 25G. These indicators are susceptible, and if a package that weighs above 45 kilograms is dropped from a 15 to 30-centimeter height, the dye on the yellow indicator will break.

Selecting a Shock Indicator

There are different factors to consider when selecting the best shock indicator for your shipping and handling. Below are the primary considerations to remember when investing in shock indicator stickers.

Size and Weight

The size and weight of your packages determine which shock indicator color is best for shipping and handling. ShockWatch offers a comprehensive guide to different package weights and corresponding labels to ensure that you select the correct color depending on the size and weight of your package.

Shockwatch Weight Chart
Source: shockwatch.com.au

Drop Test

Drop tests will help you decide the best shock indicator for your company’s packaging purposes. All types of indicators should undergo a drop test for your packages. During the drop test, you will drop packages until the product becomes damaged and the activation indicator breaks. Drop tests are the most accurate type of testing for appropriate shock indicators.

Drop Height for Activation

This method will help you select an indicator label with a safety drop height closest to the package. For instance, a safety drop height of 70 centimeters means you can use a shock indicator sticker of 50G.

Other Types of Shipping Damage Indicators

There are other types of damage indicators found besides the ShockWatch products. Below are some examples of other indicators you can find to help you safely ship and handle packages.

Tilt Indicators

These ShockWatch Indicators help detect unacceptable or dangerous tilting in your packages that need to remain upright to remain intact and reduce the risk of damage. Using these indicators, you can instantly identify indisputable signs of package mishandling.

Drop Indicators

Shipping Drop Indicators are perfect for identifying whether someone dropped a package with fragile items during transit or storage. These indicators turn bright red when a damaging impact occurs.

Temperature Indicators

Temperature indicators help identify mishandling products requiring a specific temperature to avoid damage. For instance, temperature indicators might be helpful for food, pharmaceutical, or medical products. If the package faces harmful temperatures, this indicator will alert you to the problem.

Choose Pack Secure for Your Shock Shipping Indicators

Preventing damage in your shipments is crucial for maintaining a trustworthy image and strong reputation. Protecting your loyal customers with damage-free products requires solutions that help you identify damage and its source before reaching the consumer.

Pack Secure is the perfect solution for anyone seeking high-quality shock shipping indicators. Contact Pack Secure with further questions about how shipping indicators can help your business thrive.


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