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Owning a stencil machine can do wonders for your business and make life a whole lot easier.

These machines give you the ability to label anything from wooden crates and cardboard boxes to custom packaging and more.

Before you buy a new stencil machine for your company, read on to learn more about how to choose the correct one for your needs.

Manual Stencil Machines

In terms of affordability, a manual stencil machine will usually fit within your budget. These simple machines are easy to use and perfect for whenever you're on the go.

The manual stencil machine is fast and durable, and it can give you precision cuts that conform to government specifications for labels and more. They're sold by a variety of high-quality brands so it's easy to find a make and model you'll enjoy using.

Another perk to manual stencil machines is that they're extremely compact which means they take up very little space in your warehouse or office. You can choose from different sizes and capabilities to suit your stenciling needs.

A manual stencil cutter is perfect for a wide variety of business including recycling plants, contractors, work construction sites, city planning divisions, and waste facilities. They're also the perfect choice if you need to make simple signs that state things like "no parking," "do not enter," or "hazardous waste."

In general, if you're looking for something that's compact, low-cost, and easy to use, a manual stencil machine is a great option. Simply choose your letters and numbers as you go and the machine will cut the stencils for you. Most manual options allow you to cut out letters and numbers ranging from around 1/4 inch to as large as one inch in size.

Choosing a Computerized Stencil Machine

For businesses that need more flexibility in their stenciling needs, a computerized machine is a better choice. These complex stencilers utilize software that helps you create a more customized stencil.

You'll find computerized stencil machines in industrial environments since they allow you to create a wider variety of sizes to suit your specific requirements. They're also ideal for heavy-duty jobs throughout an assortment of industries. 

Most of these machines work off of your computer via a computer program.  The stencil cutter has a USB plug which you would insert into your USB port on your computer. You can also use it to adjust the size (generally ¼ inch to 23 ½ inches), calibration of the unit, and the cutting speed.

A computerized stencil machine is much more heavy-duty than the manual version. They can cut through material like vinyl, mylar, oil board, magnets, and polyethylene. They use a special cutting strip to protect the blade so it slices through many materials.

Choose the cutting direction, speed, and blade force with a computerized machine. Look for a model that includes software packages that include a range of custom features.

With a stencil software package, you can choose various fonts, international symbols. You can even import files to create a custom stencil you've designed. This makes these machines great for stenciling specific things like company logos.

You'll find computerized stencil machines are used by aerospace and automotive and construction industries. They are also common in manufacturing, steel, pipe and welding industries. These machines are also a popular choice for all four branches of the US military.

Thanks to its flexibility, computerized stencil machines are a much better choice for larger companies and those who need to stencil specific things, than the manual stencil machine. 

Oversized Stencil Machines

If you need to stencil large objects like vehicles, big signs, or walls, an oversized machine might be the best option for you. Most super-sized stenciling machines allow you to make cuts as large as 9 inches.

All you need to do is lay out your stencil using a metal die. Set the metal die onto the machine and turn the handle.

As you turn the handle, it will cut out the lettering or numbers you've chosen into the material that you choose (provided it is recommended for that use). The result is a durable stencil that you can apply to anything and anywhere.

One benefit of an oversized stencil machine is that it helps you create large, bold lettering that is visible from a distance. It's the perfect choice for large equipment, crates, or signage.

Some super-sized machines include several fonts to choose from. This will give you more control over your stencil's look. They also include templates for U.S. and metric sizing depending on your needs.

Manufacturing plants, automobile companies, and government facilities tend to use an oversized stencil machine for various applications. They're similar to the manual machine except much larger in size.

These machines are not as portable as some other options so they should be used in an area where you can make stencils any time you need to.

Which Machine is Right for Your Business?

When you're choosing a stencil machine, make sure it provides you with the flexibility you need. From vehicles or packaging to warehouse walls, using stencils can make running your business a lot easier.

Choose a computerized stencil machine if you need something more customizable. Manual machines are great for simple, quick jobs whenever you need to apply uniform numbers or lettering to various surfaces.

If you are unsure of what type of stencil machine will work for your needs, please contact us.


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